Is Your PPC Agency Wasting Your Budget?

Is Your PPC Agency Wasting Your Budget? at

Is Your PPC Agency Wasting Your Budget?


Paid hunt advertising keeps on taking on a noteworthy piece of computerized showcasing spending plans. As indicated by SEJ's State of Digital Marketing report, 42 percent of computerized advertisers distribute the majority of their spending plan to PPC and show promotions. PPC can prompt advantageous increases, yet it takes work to beat your rivals' crusades. Your record chief ought to make sense of what advertisements or battles to put resources into, executing on your objectives, checking progress, and consistently announcing back to you. You have to assess and deal with your office's presentation – yet you don't have the opportunity to learn PPC battle details. So how would you discover a PPC office that is directly for you? How would you ensure your interest in a PPC office will be justified, despite all the trouble? With this plain-talking guide composed only for you – the bustling official.

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46 pages, published in 2017

Chapter 1


By Joe Khoei, SALESX

It’s Friday afternoon. You and your colleagues are gathered in the boardroom. Your latest digital ad campaign has far exceeded expectations. Consequently, you’ve received a raise, and your fellow execs are relishing the accolades they’ve been showered with. Pop open the champagne!

A dream scenario? Actually, it can be your reality -- provided the following factors are in place:

Your agency is finding and maximizing new channels of advertising that systematically impact key business value areas of your enterprise.

Advertising successes are aligned to your company’s metrics.

Alignment Generates Transparency -- and Increased Accountability Performance and metrics alignment results in transparency and greater accountability: The digital advertising campaign is on the hook to perform, while your company must maximize the results of that performance by having internal processes ready to receive and interpret the data. Let’s talk about what exactly this means.

What Alignment Looks Like

Let’s say your company is a services company with 200 locations. You measure success for each individual location by assessing new client acquisition growth weekly, year over year. Your analysis might address new client acquisition results on week 12 of 2017 vs. week 12 of 2016. Was there growth? If there was, what was the percentage of growth for each branch of your 200-branch services company? Comparing last week’s results with your year-to-date results, are you on track to meet your annual number -- and to distribute bonuses to stakeholders in your company? If that is how success is being measured inside your company, then your digital advertising should be measured the same way. The tools and methods to achieve this are readily available. The onus is on your agency to have the skills to provide you with the data the way that you need to receive it.