The Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising at

The Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising


PPC, or pay-per-click publicizing, is perhaps the most ideal approaches to win your business introduction on the web. Perusing this eBook will assist you with learning the all through's compensation per-click promoting and how to make it work to profit your business. Regardless of whether your image could profit by paid hunt promotions, remarketing advertisements, or would not profit by PPC by any stretch of the imagination – this book tells all.

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17 pages, published in 2017

A note about this guide:

This guide covers PPC Search Ad Campaigns and PPC Remarketing Campaigns, specifically with Google AdWords, rather than Facebook or other ad platforms. Some terms to know: Campaign - In AdWords, a campaign is some effort that you’re focusing on. Inside a campaign, you make different ad groups tp target different keyword segments. Example: If you’re a lawyer who wants to promote your services regarding personal injury law, you would create a personal injury law campaign with an ad group focusing on personal injury lawsuits from auto accidents. Quality Score - You ad’s Quality Score is how Google rates ad relevancy, conversion rate, and landing page quality. Search ads - Keyword-targeted text ads that show up on Google search results. Remarketing ads - Display ads that show up around the web through the Google Ad network.
The benefit of PPC ads is your ability to target. Natural, organic traffic can bring large numbers to your site, but it doesn’t offer you the benefit of choosing your audience. PPC ads allow you more power to decide who finds your site. Organic (non-paid) traffic doesn’t always get the job done. Imagine that you’re a chiropractor in the Yukon territory of Canada. You pour your efforts into an informative blog post that goes viral on Facebook. You see a spike in traffic from all over North America, but nobody’s booking appointments because they’re too far away. In your remote area, it would be easier and more lucrative to use geo-targeted search ads to stand out to prospects around you.

PPC Ads Convert 1.5x* more than organic landing pages.

You might choose not to start a PPC Campaign if:

1. You’re in an industry where PPC is expensive and you can’t afford to expand.

Bidding for certain keywords can get expensive quickly. Car insurance, personal loans and home loans are competitive markets with highest costs per click. These ads can cost $50 per click. If you don’t know how to run an efficient campaign, you’ll be losing money quickly.

2. You don’t have the resources to dedicate to AdWords management.

Along with your ad budget, you should allocate resources to hiring an effective PPC manager. Some businesses hire interns to handle PPC management or give the duties to an employee with little experience.
Professional digital marketers are more experienced and effective in management, and hold themselves responsible for earning positive results.
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