Technical SEO for Web Developers

Technical SEO for Web Developers at

Technical SEO for Web Developers


This specialized SEO eBook by Rubén Martínez is shockingly top to bottom for a free eBook discharge. It's 81 pages in length, and flaunts a 3-page list of chapters. That could appear to be a scary perused, yet the point by point chapter by chapter list implies that it can function admirably as an instructional booklet as opposed to a long specialized read. This top to bottom advertising eBook would be totally worth printing out and keeping close by for computerized advertisers or web engineers who need to plan with a cognizance for SEO. Having firm SEO rehearses set up all through the entirety of your areas of expertise is the thing that helps assemble a solid SEO methodology long haul.

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22 pages, published in 2013


Use robots.txt

Block bots of spammers and scrapers Avoid cloaking

Use the metatags noindex, noarchive Submit URLs you want to remove from Google’s index

Monitor your site for hacked content Set the crawling rate of Googlebot Administer your PageRank budget

Ruben Martinez