A review on Social Media Marketing

A review on Social Media Marketing at Social-Media.press

A review on Social Media Marketing


The brand management landscape has changed due to the digital media platforms which provide real-time interaction and high dynamism. Furthermore, the emergence of social media has left a profound impact on the procedure adopted by companies to maintain a relationship with the customers.

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11 pages, published in 2020

The internet has transformed the way customers engage with the brands they use, along with the traditional marketing techniques in the economy. The existing ways of engaging with brands have become obsolete and are not sustainable anymore as today’s consumer tries to establish a relationship and connection with the brand. Consumers look for a promise from the brand in terms of values offered. The touch-points have changed from investing lion’s share with the aim to increase brand awareness and increase sales to places where actually invest their time and funds, that is, digital space (Edelman, 2010). Brands are intangible assets of the firm and firms aim at constructing a strong brand name which can create strong consumer’s memory by providing clarity in the information (Gensler et al., 2013). Digital marketing has replaced traditional marketing strategies, and has been widely adopted by firms to promote their brand and reach the wider consumers. Digital marketing includes tools which do not require internet facility and therefore, extend beyond social media marketing. It incorporates mobile marketing, display advertisement, social media, search engine and other forms of digital marketing. With digital media, convenience is provided to consumers to gain access to information from any place and at any time. The reliability and validity of brands’ claims is cross-checked from the media, associations, experts and peers. Digital marketing deploys a range of promotional activities which are transferred with the help of digital media. Companies are channelizing their efforts to bring brand and consumer closer (Yasmin, Tasneem & Fatema, 2015).

IAEME Publication, Rammohan Sundaram, Dr. Rajeev Sharma, Dr. Anurag Shakya