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Marketing Made Simple

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Marketing is neither complex nor original. Personal dialogue has always existed between customers and producers. At one time craftsmen knew their customers personally and to gain repeat business they had to provide satisfactory service and ‘care’ for customers.

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272 pages, published in 2002

One of the most challenging commissions for authors is to take a complex subject like marketing and explain it simply and comprehensively. Nevertheless, I am pleased to confirm that this is precisely what this book does. Marketing is all around us and plays a significant part in our lives whether we be consumers, business executives or students or even all three! Furthermore, the application of marketing concepts and techniques can also enhance our personal lives and ambitions, for marketing is not only an important core business function and an organization’s business philosophy (consist- ing of putting the customer first), it can also be translated into a personal life skill, for we all have to ‘market’ ourselves and our ideas to others during our life in order to fulfill career ambitions and achieve our goals. With all of us living busy lives, any book that can provide an overall insight into such a subject as marketing which draws from so many disciplines is to be applauded.

It is an accepted fact that everyone can contribute to the marketing effort of their company or organization, as it is not just the preserve of the marketing department. Therefore everyone should read this book. There are chapters on every specialist area covering advertising, sales, pricing, buyer behaviour, supply channels and marketing strategy with additional chapters to cover the more contemporary areas such as customer relationship marketing. Many real-life mini case study are also included to illustrate successes and failure but above all I would like to commend this book on the basis that its user-friendly layout is a great aid to understanding. You can learn more from this book than from many of the more weightier tomes that are four times the length and three times the price! No businessman’s or business student’s bookshelf should be without a copy. There is no other convenient sized book of which I know that can summarize this subject so well. I guarantee that you will be regularly making reference to it and benefiting from its comprehensive contents.


Geoff Lancaster, Paul Reynolds