SEJ: How Search Engines Work

SEJ: How Search Engines Work at

SEJ: How Search Engines Work


Figure out how web search tools work when you read Search Engine Journal's fresh out of the plastic new digital book. Need to enhance your site the correct way and set yourself up for progress? At that point it's basic to realize how web search tools work today. Composed via Search Engine Journal VIP patron Dave Davies, How Search Engines Work, handles how web search tools work and the key factors that impact internet searcher results pages. In organization with HigherVisibility, we made this digital book for SEO professionals who need to fortify their specialized SEO information.

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148 pages, published in 2019


For the uninitiated, indexing essentially refers to the adding of a webpage’s content into Google. When you create a new page on your site there are a number of ways it can be indexed. The simplest method of getting a page indexed is to do absolutely nothing. Google has crawlers following links and thus, provided your site is in the index already and that the new content is linked to from within your site, Google will eventually discover it and add it to its index. More on this later.  
But what if you want Googlebot to get to your page faster? This can be important if you have timely content or if you’ve made an important change to a page you need Google to know about. One of the top reasons I use faster methods is when I’ve either optimized a critical page or I’ve adjusted the title and/or description to improve click-throughs and want to know specifically when they were picked up and displayed in the SERPs to know where the measurement of improvement starts. In these instances there a few additional methods you can use...
Dave Davies, HigherVisibility