Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing

Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing at

Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing has become the inherent quality of marketing fields today. Everything is going digital and so is the marketing field which was once upon a time, a complex process of selling and forming techniques to raise sale growth of any product being manufactured. 

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130 pages, published in 2018




What is marketing?

Markets presently have developed to its zenith owing to the technological changes that have curbed the globe especially afterthe globalization era. Mobiles, Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets etc. have replaced various traditional means of communicationlike hoardings, banners, spam calls and made public go greatly modern.With the increased accessibility of the internet and smartphones today, the number of people who go online every day is stillincreasing. In fact, the internet usage among adults increased in the past three years by 5% according to a research conductedby an American agency. This has bought a change even to the buying techniques of customers throughout the cities. Andalthough one may not believe it to be true, the manners in which the customers used to buy commodities, stand through thelines of stores and wait for items, have come across a huge variations and things have changed invariably.Marketing is an inevitable mechanism present in the society. Marketing enables people to get what they need and companiesto supply what they make in a more efficient manner. Digital marketing, in simple terms, imbibes all the marketing efforts thatuse an electronic device or the internet. Businesses now use digital channels such as search engines, social media, websitesand emails that help them to connect with customers both current and prospective.Marketing is as dynamic as any social change in the society. There are various circumstances surrounding the techniques ofmarketing and the ways it operates including
 reductions in resources, inflation, economic recessions, high unemployment,dying small or medium industries, dying companies, terrorism and war, and effects due to rapid technological changes in
certain industries. Such dramatic variations including the advent of technology have forced today’s marketing executive to
becoming more market-driven in their strategic decision making, requiring a formalized means of acquiring accurate andtimely information about customers, products and the marketplace and the overall environment. Internet marketing involvesthe usage of the Internet to market and sell goods or services. Internet marketing utilizes the benefits of the technologicalgrowth to a wide extent and customers are now able to sit at the convenience of their homes and order products. More andmore development has curved in paving way for a more competitive nature of marketing.The earliest traces of such means of marketing was way back in 1990 when some product selling companies used to haveproduct descriptions in the website which was useful for customers and then could have bought it with adequate information.With growth in internet, this has come to an end and more facilities have been added including buying the product, orderingitems, making payments and getting anything and everything delivered at the doorstep.
dr. Raj Padhiyar