75 Content Marketing Examples

75 Content Marketing Examples at Social-Media.press

75 Content Marketing Examples


Need some motivation for your substance promoting efforts? Here are 75 unique plans to rouse your next creation. Every thought is not quite the same as the following – and they pull from conventional and present day promoting ideas, so there's something for everybody.

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79 pages, published in 2018

While every brand brings a unique set of goals, values, assets, and circumstances to the content marketing table, at least one thing is universal: We can all learn from the experiences of those who faced the same challenges and came out on top. Fortunately, when it comes to content marketing, there are plenty of amazing brands we can look to

for guidance.

In this e-book, we’ve gathered 75 of our favorite content marketing examples — new and old. Companies of various sizes, locations, and industries created these efforts and delivered them in a wide variety of formats. We hope they will give you a feel for the tremendous things brands can accomplish with content marketing — and inspire you to explore some new content marketing ideas of your own.


Brand: Sainsbury’s Content type: Multiplatform content

Why we love it:

U.K. supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has elevated foodie content to a multimedia art form. Starting with its signature magazine — the biggest, fully paid for, food title in the U.K. — the company delivers well- balanced recipe features that are tested by some of the U.K.’s best home economists and aims to serve all types of readers’ culinary needs. Add to that a hugely successful portfolio of social media channels, sell-out live cooking demonstrations, the magazine’s Food & Drink Awards, and its series of editorial one-shots, and not only do you get a level of audience engagement that would make any content marketer’s mouth water — you also get recognition as the 2016 Content Marketing Awards Project of the Year.

Industry type: Retail

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