Best laptop for video conferencing

The best laptops with a good camera for video calls

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed our lives. And even more surprising was the change in the working environment. Millions of Spaniards have started working remotely, and for this it is very necessary A laptop in good condition that allows you to make video calls in good quality. But how to pick the best laptop for video conferencing?

Mainly because video calls have replaced work meetings. Not to mention how we are used to making video calls to our friends and loved ones. Of course, while it’s true that any minimally decent laptop includes a webcam for video calls, there are a number of factors to consider in order to get the best picture quality.

Factors to Consider

For starters, we’re already assuming that finding a laptop with great picture quality on video calls is an almost impossible task. The fault is not in the producers, but in the way this sector has gone. Mainly because users are demanding ever thinner models and there simply isn’t enough space to place the camera in an environment that allows video calls to be made at the best resolution.

For this reason, the minimum resolution we’ve reviewed for a laptop to allow more than adequate video calls is 720p or HD. This will give you a clear and sharp image that you can make high-quality video calls without having to buy a separate webcam.

Options that pay off

It’s amazing how many laptops don’t have an HD webcam for more than adequate video calls. For that reason, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best options to consider if you’re looking for a video calling laptop.

We wanted to strike a good balance between performance and quality when making video calls, so that you see models with powerful enough hardware to run any type of application without any problems, so that you can work with all kinds of heavy tools like Photoshop without too much trouble. We see that we need to consider different options.