Everything You Need to Know About Long Tail Keywords

Everything You Need to Know About Long Tail Keywords at Social-Media.press

Everything You Need to Know About Long Tail Keywords


This promoting eBook from TemplateMonster covers the fundamentals of long-tail watchwords, why you should utilize them for SEO, how to coordinate them into whatever number pieces of your site as could be allowed. It additionally discusses why it's simpler to shape your substance around specialties, and why that makes it simpler to contend.

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23 pages, published in 2017
Imagine you want to buy a book. You go to Google and type in “book”, right? Of course not. You’ll probably type the exact name of the book you need. Also, you will probably want to find a store to buy it from — and the one that offers the best price for the book. With this in mind, your search will be more similar to something like “game of thrones books best price” than to the much more generic “book”. Remember this: you want to buy the book, and your search is very specific. In other words, you’ve got intent and specificity; they are essential for optimizing your keyword strategy. That’s what long tail keywords are all about. Moreover, this is what this book is about — in this guide, you will find the most essential tips and tricks of working with long-tail keywords. Knowing about this aspect of SEO will help you gain a competitive edge over similar business and rank high when it comes to specific high-converting queries. If that’s what you’re looking for, read on.

To the Whiteboard! From Head to the Long Tail

The term “long tail” refers to the chart-based representation of the numerous small-volume sources of data. We’ll come back to this concept in a couple of minutes, but first, image SEO as an animal. Yep, you’ve heard that right. Imagine SEO as an animal. To make this simpler, here’s a cute SEO-zaurus from Chris Grasso.
Now, imagine that the SEO-zaurus’ head is that single high-volume keyword that many people dream of: “if I could just get my site to be listed under “books”, boy would I sell a lot of them!”. You probably do, too, if you’ve just started with SEO, but the thing is you’ll probably never make it to that dream position. Not with that strategy. If you choose to go for the long tail, though, things will be a bit different.